Bug Reports

Popup of Popup has blank content (11)
Devices are losing their Kiosk configs overnight (11)
No internet connection after manually connecting to network and re-launching the kiosk app (1)
Kiosk isn't staying full screen after update (3)
Request to about:blank is blocked (2)
No Longer Loading Website (2)
Kiosk app does not start (10)
Kiosk Problems since update to 5.18.0 (1)
Kiosk remote URL stopped working on Chrome OS box (6)
Can't get into local administration (2)
Auto-play YouTube link not auto-playing in Kiosk (4)
It does not use proxy settings in Kiosk mode on Chromebox (3)
Print dialog coming up twice (1)
Kiosk mode hangs on unmanaged device (3)
Crashes / Keep Awake Does Not Work Even After Most Recent Update ( 2 ) (27)
Youtube link is not opening in Kiosk - chrome os (3)
PDF is not longer opened in a new Windows in the new Kios version (2)
Kiosk mode not keeping chromebox awake (11)
Inactivity Reset with activity (2)
Small popup window not showing in Print (1)
Form Fields Can't be Edited (2)
JS Confirm box does not work in Kiosk Mode (1)
Cookies do not work upon restart of device (1)
Remote Server config file: multiple tabs do not open (1)
Blank screen when trying to serve local content (3)
Dialog window content still running in background (2)
Printing doesn't work (1)
How to Report Bugs (2)

Use the Bug Reports channel to report an issue with the application. If there is an existing topic for your issue, please add the details of your occurrance that topic: Kiosk app version OS version sample content, if a…

Link inside new window causes content to clear (1)
Loosing settings after power loss (6)
Remote management inaccessible on ChromeOS (9)
Javascript instantiated Window does not render properly (1)
Mp4 video files do not get cached, even with cache-control header (4)
Nonstandard browsing contexts (1)